Fred Deaton
I have long felt that most of us go through life without really looking around us to take in the images of our surroundings! I try to capture these images which interest me and, over the years, I have developed specific interests including the cemetery scenes and the flag representations.

I also like images that invite the viewer to wander around in search of multiple visual elements so take your time and look deeply. Many years ago I became a fan of the photo stories produced by Duane Michaels as well as the innovative use of color photographs by photographers such as William Eggleston. I have spent many hours photographing cemeteries prodded by the influence of Clarence John Laughlin. The history of photography is important and I would be remiss in not mentioning Robert Frank's seminal book "The Americans". There are many important and influential photographers and I salute those who have gone before!

Most of these images are captured with a Nikon digital SLR camera although some are the result of a Kodak digital point and shoot. The Fisheye Lomo images are scanned from original film negatives. There will be the occasional image from my early years when I primarily worked with an 8x10 view camera and I will try to identify them as such, but I have become a devotee of digital photography and other than the Fisheye Lomo all of my new work is digital.